Denali to Fairbanks to Dalton Highway

This is about mile 5 of the Dalton Highway. I'm a little nervous. More excited, I guess. I've heard stories from people that have only heard stories about the horror shows involving the Dalton. I've also heard stories from people that have done it & was told that it's not that bad, depending on the weather. I'm about to find out. It's starting to rain a little. I really didn't plan this part of the trip out with a map or pictures from previous riders. All I started out wanting to do was go to Alaska. I added a few stops in Alaska. Then from out of nowhere, I'm going to the Arctic Circle. It just seems like a cool idea.


Yukon River, nice.
Coldfoot, nice.
Where's the Arctic Circle? ThomasThomas isn't much help. That is my destination. If the weather cooperates, I'll go as far as I can. I would love to get to Deadhorse. We'll see...

Yeah, the Dalton Highway. Not sure about the stickers.

Some good stickers. Some bad stickers. Enough said.

When I first saw this path through the hills, I thought this was the Dalton Highway. I was excited & a bit worried that it was going to be a tougher ride than anticipated.

Is that the road out there?

It looks like I'm headed in the right direction.

This is what I expected the Harley shop in Fairbanks to look like from other riders photos.

This is the Harley shop in Fairbanks, AK. They sell/rent many other machines, other than Harleys.

OK, Fairbanks. I would ride around a bit, then head north.

These 2 lovely people noticed my license plate & came over for a talk. They had lived in the New England area and were great to talk to. Lauren & Tony I believe their names are & both live & work in Anchorage. Tony called me a few days later to find out if everything was good. It was good. Good People.

A lot of road to cover. I thought I was in Fairbanks already... I must have missed it

The rain comes & goes. It's all good.

Alright, Fairbanks. Bright lights, big city...


I thought I was in Denali State Park already. Great sign.

This river flows with a lot of force. It's also very gray water. Wonder why? Research needed.

OK, nothing ate me last night.

I wedged myself between my bike and these train rails, just in case. I'm about 30 yards from the track. Around 2am the train came by. I was half awake & not thinking clearly when I heard & felt the rumble. What the hell could that noise be? It was a 5/6 second moment of OH CRAP. I got over it.

I should have known this was not an abandoned rail. Still maintained fairly well.

I found a break in the woods & settled in here.

Need some firebush color right about now...

This is a GOTCHA. Very sneaky & often painful on a motorcycle. I'm low on gas & it's about midnight. Find a spot to sleep.

An Igloo? I wonder when it had it's last tenant? I took a look inside & determined that it has been abandoned for years. Kind of spooky. I went in about 2 steps, then left quickly. A gut feeling to not go any farther. Weird.
I've seen 1 car in the last 2 hours. Tough to make a living without a lot of marketing in this neighborhood.


A different bike & I would go deep into these woods.

Anybody see Mt. McKinley out there?

While I see a man about a horse, I notice a firebush.

I wait around a little and hope the clouds break.

There are houses on this road that must get super views 20% of the year. That is how often, I was told, that Mt. McKinley is clear.

I've been driving around the area waiting for a possible opening in the clouds. Not happening, so, down the road I went.

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