Destruction Bay, YT, Canada

I've crossed the border & heading to Valdez, Alaska. No more kilometers for a while.

The rain came heavy & it didn't matter. Nice country.

Wow! Who would have guessed there would be sunshine in the morning. It rained the hardest last night, since the tornadoes in Michigan. There were bikes scrambling for any motel rooms they could get.

Here is a picture of my new German friend Datarts 800 BMW GS. This bike looks like it could handle almost anything. It better be able. Detart is riding it around the world. He started in Germany, went to Siberia, to Japan, had it flown to Seattle & I am sharing a room with him in Tok, Alaska. There was a small communication issue between us, but, his smile spoke volumes. That's when I knew we were on the same page. His direction East will land him in New York. From there he is having his bike flown to Ireland. From there he will be taking a round about way back to Germany.
Time to start saving my pennies, because, that excites me...

All right, Tok, Alaska. It's actually about 25 miles of unfinished roads plus another 70 miles away. I had one harrowing moment on this stretch of road. I'm still here to talk about it.

I'm glad the border inspection station exist. Why it exist is another story.

That's Dave Guzzi & his son Sawyer Triumph on the bikes in front of me.

Waiting in the rain...

Is that uniform 125 years old?

Nice looking, quality, informative. The sign is nice too. Glad to be here.

I will be seeing all of these places.

Cuff that loitering biker type...

The tour bus guide seemed to enjoy the photo taking task.

The twitching signs.

Start yur' engine

These orange flags indicate bad roads ahead. Pay attention to those & parts might not fly off your bike and hit you in the head.

All better. A little hockey tape should keep it in place.

Plastic cover probably not fully snapped in from my Seattle drop. When lifting the bike up, my chest was pressed firmly against the speedo & I noticed it a wee bit ajar. I gave it a smack & it looked good. The little voice in my head said to make sure it was seated properly. Enough said...

So, I hit a couple of big woop-dee-doos in a row. Whack! The speedo trim bangs off the face mask & ends up in the middle of the road. I turn around to go back & get it, yup, an 18 wheeler is turning the corner. Luckily, it blew into the road shoulder with only a couple of dings.

There is the corner. I can see a dark spot, but no signs of woop- dee-doos. They are there & sneaky.

They must export a lot of clouds.

The clouds hang & linger.

They seem to come straight up & out of some mountains.

Hey, It's Dave Guzzi & his son Sawyer Triumph.
The first names I believe are correct. The last names are the bikes they drove.
I met these 2 in New York & they also were heading to Alaska. That is just too strange. I pulled into a rest area in NY to relieve myself. I saw them on bikes & walked over to say hello. So, where are you 2 off to, I said. Dave says, 'Alaska'.
What are the odds? They were going up through Canada & I was going to Michigan & Colorado then north. Different paths.
I go in to pay for gas in Destruction Bay, Canada & this guy says to me, 'Hey, are from New York?' I look over & don't put the face to question. I say,' no, I'm from New Hampshire'. He says, 'there was a guy we met in New York that looked like you, was driving the same bike & going to Alaska'. Wham! It hits me that this is the father & son team. Nice guys. I would see them again.
Did you notice that Dave has a K-Mart pie plate for his headlight lens? Nice quick fix David.

Cloud production. It's my theory & I'm stickin' to it.

The Yukon must produce all of Canadas clouds.

Quality clouds...

I feel like hiking again.

Hitting the side roads looking for stray photos.


It's like 'trying to herd stray cats'.

Were's my swim trunks?

Kluane Lake. This road allows travel around 3/4's of it.

Another abandoned business in a beautiful area.
What would it take?

Great riding

Manufacturing clouds?

The clouds come from nowhere.

Next stop, Alaska??

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