Denali to Fairbanks to Dalton Highway

This is about mile 5 of the Dalton Highway. I'm a little nervous. More excited, I guess. I've heard stories from people that have only heard stories about the horror shows involving the Dalton. I've also heard stories from people that have done it & was told that it's not that bad, depending on the weather. I'm about to find out. It's starting to rain a little. I really didn't plan this part of the trip out with a map or pictures from previous riders. All I started out wanting to do was go to Alaska. I added a few stops in Alaska. Then from out of nowhere, I'm going to the Arctic Circle. It just seems like a cool idea.


Yukon River, nice.
Coldfoot, nice.
Where's the Arctic Circle? ThomasThomas isn't much help. That is my destination. If the weather cooperates, I'll go as far as I can. I would love to get to Deadhorse. We'll see...

Yeah, the Dalton Highway. Not sure about the stickers.

Some good stickers. Some bad stickers. Enough said.

When I first saw this path through the hills, I thought this was the Dalton Highway. I was excited & a bit worried that it was going to be a tougher ride than anticipated.

Is that the road out there?

It looks like I'm headed in the right direction.

This is what I expected the Harley shop in Fairbanks to look like from other riders photos.

This is the Harley shop in Fairbanks, AK. They sell/rent many other machines, other than Harleys.

OK, Fairbanks. I would ride around a bit, then head north.

These 2 lovely people noticed my license plate & came over for a talk. They had lived in the New England area and were great to talk to. Lauren & Tony I believe their names are & both live & work in Anchorage. Tony called me a few days later to find out if everything was good. It was good. Good People.

A lot of road to cover. I thought I was in Fairbanks already... I must have missed it

The rain comes & goes. It's all good.

Alright, Fairbanks. Bright lights, big city...


I thought I was in Denali State Park already. Great sign.

This river flows with a lot of force. It's also very gray water. Wonder why? Research needed.

OK, nothing ate me last night.

I wedged myself between my bike and these train rails, just in case. I'm about 30 yards from the track. Around 2am the train came by. I was half awake & not thinking clearly when I heard & felt the rumble. What the hell could that noise be? It was a 5/6 second moment of OH CRAP. I got over it.

I should have known this was not an abandoned rail. Still maintained fairly well.

I found a break in the woods & settled in here.

Need some firebush color right about now...

This is a GOTCHA. Very sneaky & often painful on a motorcycle. I'm low on gas & it's about midnight. Find a spot to sleep.

An Igloo? I wonder when it had it's last tenant? I took a look inside & determined that it has been abandoned for years. Kind of spooky. I went in about 2 steps, then left quickly. A gut feeling to not go any farther. Weird.
I've seen 1 car in the last 2 hours. Tough to make a living without a lot of marketing in this neighborhood.


A different bike & I would go deep into these woods.

Anybody see Mt. McKinley out there?

While I see a man about a horse, I notice a firebush.

I wait around a little and hope the clouds break.

There are houses on this road that must get super views 20% of the year. That is how often, I was told, that Mt. McKinley is clear.

I've been driving around the area waiting for a possible opening in the clouds. Not happening, so, down the road I went.

Anchorage, AK to Denali State Park

All right! Denali State Park. This is a place, I think, that also manufactures clouds. Well, maybe it's hobby is collecting clouds. Lots of clouds.

Here is my best shot of Denali/ Mt. McKinley,
Even this is impressive to me.


Heading out of Anchorage towards Denali was somewhat uneventful.
Detart was a great find. You can tell a lot about somebody without saying a word. It makes me wonder about language and the idiosyncrasies that I didn't pick up in my short meeting with Detart. When some Central & Western U.S. people hear me speak, they often think I'm Australian. I'm just a NH hick.

And it's down the road I went....

SeeYa Detart! Happy Trails : >)

A big city. A big hurry to get out.

They felt uncomfortable being in the picture.
I'm so charming...

For the ladies...

HEY! Who's that casually walking by. Detart likes to be moving in photos.

I'll take a picture standing on my head. The camera man has timing issues.

I kidded around with this gent & got the 20 questions. Good kid.

Detart & I will go for a decafe & a chowda'.
Photo bomber...

I new that was his bike!

I'm circling the block. I think I saw Detarts bike.
I don't know if it's corny or cool to have the fake wildlife. I am curious about it.

Anchorage must be around the next corner?

Quite a line up of music @ the state fair.

The scenery from Valdez to Anchorage is awesome & seemingly endless. It took me a while to get there. Gathering stray photos, you see...




Look right...

Look left...

No bike...

Next time I will take a few days and head into these mountains with a proper bike.

Keep on keepin' on...

The accidental photo. What an eye...

Lovin' life

A little left

A little to the right


Some light reading.

A different bike & I'm down there.

I don't know what hill that is. I want to take a hike.

Valdez & the Thompson Pass is a nice visit.

A little sunshine changes everything

Valdez is nice. I'll be back!

Just outside of town.