Tok, AK to Valdez, AK

What a difference a day makes. It was cloudy & rainy yesterday & difficult to see the surrounding beauty.
Off to Anchorage.

This gent & his wife travel all over the country.

Outside the front door of the Keystone Hotel.

I didn't realize these mountains were here last night.

A friend of mine, Pondo, planted the seed about going to Valdez. He has a brother that owns a bakery there. That would have been nice, if I remembered why I figured I had to go to Valdez. Sometimes I KNOW I'm a descendant of apes. Not very bright apes @ that.
What a nice little town. It has a ferry that will take you to many other parts of Alaska. ThomasThomas didn't tell me, that to go to Anchorage via Valdez, there would be a ferry ride. There was no plan to take any ferry. In hindsight, it would have been fun. Next time...


Perusing the town, I bumped into this striking figure. A Peter Toth wood sculpture labeled 'Trail of the Whispering Pines'. I'm sure there is a historic little ditty about it. I love wood & that's a nice piece of wood.

I don't think this is the ferry.

This is my ferry...

Anybody tired of seeing my ferry? Inhale deeply & suck it up!
This ferry has been my best friend, so far. A couple of cosmetic issues due to some operators(me) lack of intuitive action. Mechanically? I like this bike, a lot. Could it have a 9 gallon gas tank? A higher, better suspension? A ferring to protect the electronics? Yes,yes & yes. I enjoy this bike, period. It will take me places, without worry, that most people will only think about going to. That's my intuition talking. Hope I take action on that...

A little history.

It's a big world. I sometimes feel like a speck of dust.

The water flows 1440/24/7/365...

Into the shaded valley of the unknown.

It looks cold up in those hills.

A different look of a Thompson Pass glacier in the Chugach Mts.

I took @ least 25 pictures of this peak. No name comes to mind. Research @ 11...

To bad it's so cloudy. There are probably many great sunny day shots I'm missing. Thomas might know more than I give him credit for...

Around every corner, I seem to apply the brakes.

Another corner

I think I outran the rain. It would come back in spurts.

I can't imagine not having cold/rain gear. I don't mind this weather, except not having a clear view of things.

The Thompson Pass ahead. Is that the welcome mat...

I will fly above these mountains one day.

This was the gracious host @ Gakona Junction Gas et al. Her name is Michala. I thought she was a member of a family getting gas because she was conversing with them, & me so casually. Nope, her grandparents own the area & she isn't shy. She answered all questions & had suggestions about what to do in the region. Great kid.

Sunshine & billowy clouds are ok.

To Valdez. Not sure why, but, I'm going there.

It's Sawyers Triumph drying out.

Dave Guzzi with equipment failure. Wood! Who can predict its behavior. I bet he took a 50/50 shot @ the direction of the grain. I love plywood, but, it's somewhat manmade & I often wonder what's under that 1st layer. I will design something like it for my next long jaunt.

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