Keyless ignition mod...Stewart, BC/Hyder, Alaska

Surprise, surprise. Alaska was so close & I didn't know it. What a great small town, that, I feel, doesn't have long for this world. I hope I'm wrong.

Downtown Hyder, Alaska.

That's right, ZERO. ?? Not sure what that means.

This shot is for the ladies... : >)

I'm glad there was a vacancy.

Enough said...

This bike belongs to a gent named Tim. He drove from Florida. We will cross paths many times.

This guy was up & out early. About 5;30am.

@ the time, I didn't know what he was photographing. The mile zero sign.

I drove in circles a few other times in my life.


Hyder, Alaska might have a room I was told.

Off to Hyder. Never heard of it.

No Vacancy

Great ride in. You are only seeing a small fraction of this ride. Sorry : >)

This is a port town. The ocean @ low tide.

I would have been sad to miss the views in Stewart & Hyder.

What a good guide Thomas can be.

Sun is setting. Usually means take a break.

I turned the corner & found this.

From across the street.

A glacier that probably has a name.
DeHanzo Glacier?

Nice ride

This view is unfolding


I have been to Switzerland & have seen this type of beauty. Still awestruck.

This is how a lot of the rest of this ride will be.

A prelude to something good maybe?

Looks like a ski lift building.

The bike wants to keep going.

& going.

Alaska? Nice surprise.

& going.

I keep expecting some form of wildlife to jump out.

Nice road so far.


Another photo op.

I will stop in over 100 gas stations.

Looks good ahead.

It's cloudy & a little cool. No rain in sight.

A little church with a teepee set up. I don't know the story. I'm sure there is one.

This river was overflowing and had crazy rapids.

OK, a little civilization.

Each little piece of human evidence has it's broken down areas.

PINE BEETLES are tearing up a lot of woodland in North America.

Looks cold up ahead.

It seems like some of these mountains manufacture clouds.

Trucks & trains are a big part of the north west.
Can't forget the RV's.
I spend a lot of my riding time trying to get away from them.

One of the routes I spend a good amount of time on.

Very elaborate border markings.

Another beauty.

Bc's northern capital. Is it the capital?

They include the V-rod in some of their evolution.

The V-rod on display @ Prince George Harley.
I went here to check on an ignition. A week to have one delivered.

More border markings.

The road work seems sporadic & extensive. Chunks of road work all over.

Taped up so nothing else falls out. Luckily it's in the on position.

My wire set-up was clumsy.
Paul had an old Honda 90 in his yard he said could be used for parts. A few snips & some tape & we have a simpler connection.

Paul's House from the back yard.

My bike tucked away.

Nanook guarding the fort.

What a great dog. Smart, friendly, good looking & loud.

Paul's truck. The first time I saw it, he was pulling in to the gas station where I discovered the lost key & ruined ignition. I noticed the truck because Nanook was hanging out the window barking up a storm. When I came out from paying for gas, Paul was looking @ my bike. We got to talking & I had a place to sleep for the night.

I have a HONDA-DAVIDSON now for sure. Honda components to connect/disconnect.

The key had a circular alarm/fob that had been annoying me for weeks because it was blowing all over the place. I thought about fixes. That's all I did. Thinking doesn't make it so. I could have headed this off weeks ago, but, no. It was the movement that annoyed me. The wind eventually ripped the guts out of the ignition. I didn't think that would happen. Think again...
It all happened for a reason? Fate. Destiny. I usually don't get into that type of thinking, but, those ideas were developed for a reason. Maybe?

By-pass the battery. That's all I got.

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