Colorado to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Hello Minneapolis...

Goodbye Minneapolis...

Keep on truckin'.

Hello Wisconsin.

The Grand Tetons With a hint of sunshine.

The Grand Tetons early in the morning.

The view from my tent.

It's early. 4:45am.

It's early. 4:45am.

The view, while lying in my tent.

I'm glad I bought this tent a couple towns ago. Especially when there isn't a single room available in Jackson Hole.

I thought it would be tiny. Not so. Big, popular town.

These 2 gents are originally from Peru. They now reside in Arizona. The fellow on the right suggested, that the Tetons @ sunrise are suppose to be breath taking. I listen to people, sometimes.

Heading toward Yellowstone.

The horizon is looking interesting.

The rock, the trees, the road, the bike. It's all good...

I must be getting close to something important.

The farther I go, the more I see.

I love the sun, but, I can't see.

So I squint a little. It's all good.

John Denver said it best. Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy...

I am going to put one of these on the entry way to my sprawling ranch in NH. I'm sure it will be the only one in couple thousand mile radius.

Ooh, ooh. I see something up ahead.

It's about time I see a few mountains.

Is it a mirage? I think I see things.

A lot of horses in Wyoming.

A lot of Desert in Wyoming.

A lot of road in Wyoming.

Bugs are gumming up my lens. The auto lens cover is sticking. Bug juice.

And down the road I went...

You leave one state...

You will probably enter another. Impeccable logic, NO? Also, why is Colorado saying it's the colorful state. It does have 'color' in its name. Lame-o

I've driven many miles in Colorado. I think I enjoyed it all. Minimal bad weather is one of the reasons.

Yup, many miles.

Looking into the near future. Keep on truckin'...

The forecast calls for more forecast...

This couple has driven all over the US & Europe.
He said something to me about 'watching for the GOTCHAS in Canada & Alaska'. I thought about it a lot. Random basketball sized potholes-GOT YA. Very sneaky.
I was amazed @ how many couples I saw. I also noticed that the passenger seats on their bikes where much friendlier than mine. Correlation? Maybe.

'It's down the road I went. '-George Thorogood

Some of Steamboat Springs ski trails.

WHOWW! My trusty steed looks ready to roll.

The steed, all tucked in for the night.

First place I saw for a bed. The Rabbit Ears.

Looks like I'm driving @ night again,

This land is your land...

The back side.

A side view.

'What you lookin' @ Willis!'

This one snuck up on me. Didn't predict it would have this shape.

A front view.

I've been there, done that...

Did that...

Many different choices for MY entry way.

Looks like condos.

Same condos.

The Springs are just around the corner, not.

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