To Whitehorse & Watson Lake, Yukon


Well it's morning, kind of. We had a late night. Marks girlfriend is a bartender @ one of the only dances in Watson Lake.
The boys from Texas are headed South & I'm headed East to Alberta, Canada. I will see more wildlife on this segment of the ride than any other. If I were quicker with the camera, some pictures might exist. I have a few. Next long ride, I might focus on wildlife a little more. I don't want to bug those animals. So, strike that last idea from the records. If it happens , it happens.

We are all packed & ready to go. Mark wants to go to Texas. He mentioned that he really hasn't been to far out of Canada. He loves bikes & wants to ride. I'm sure he will.

The Father & son team from Texas. One thing I noticed about the experienced people that traveled by bike was, they kept a little journal. At first I thought it a little much. Now I wish I'd written some names & dates, to accurately retell parts of this great meeting. I enjoyed their company from the moment I met them @ the gas station. @ this writing, I am not sure of their names. (Liam & Bob??)Happy trails...

Mark is a great mechanic. He has motorized projects all over the place. Full of energy & always willing to help. All the fluids were checked or changed.

Mark @ 4 or 5 in the morning. Good time had by all.

That blender in the background got used.

Hey, it's Watson Lake. I stopped to take a picture & heard some whistling & yelling. The guys I met @ the gas station were hootin' from a house across the street. I pulled in the driveway & Mark invited me to stay the night, "as long as I wasn't an ax murderer". I told him, "I don't even own an ax". Apparently Mark rents a house. It's nice. Excellent.

The sun is sinking low. I've been riding a long time today.

The mountains are sparse.

Every once in a while, a rock formation pops up.

I loved that segment of the ride.

This couple I had passed a couple hours ago on the side of the road. I pulled over & they said they were fine. They were Canadian with heavy French accents. Apparently, they have a truck following them. I had talked to a few people @ the gas station that mentioned some crazy antics buy the driver. His bike over heated as a result.

Teslin Lake

Hey, it's the backside of something. This is the same gas station I used on the way up.

A monument to my marriage to Gayle. TLA?

Gas ahead. Looks familiar. I would meet some great people here.

Lovin' life... Lahr dee dah...

This is on the side of the road. I pretty much criss-crossed the divide all the way up and back. Some day I'd like to hit some of the other parts of it.

I'm not sure if this is Teslin Lake. Until further notice , it is.

I met this gent in Whitehorse. He always rides 2 up, I guess. He was riding with another guy from Chicago.

Nice country

A lot of road ahead...

So long Kluanes...

Haines Junction. The last time I came through here it was very cloudy & rainy.

Here is where I saw Detart for the first time. He & I shared a room in Tok, Alaska. He is from Germany & traveling around the globe.

Nice country.

Did I mention this is my favorite part of the ride??