To the Yukon River & the Arctic Circle

The road to Coldfoot, Alaska. It's sprinkling a little. No biggy.


Here's the card my wife Gayle sent me in Big Sky, Montana. Hello Sailor!

Yeah, I know, enough already with the Circle pictures. I took about 20 pictures here and like them all. I will sneak them in here & there.

My first picture.

My second picture. The suit & helmet I'm wearing allows me to be comfortable in the rain & cold. If it doesn't look like I'm enjoying myself, I assure you, I am.

Unique rock formations @ Finger Mt.

I heard that this rock points to Fairbanks.

The rain hits hard, then sprinkles a bit. This is a piece of The Dalton Highway heading towards the Arctic Circle.

More Finger Mountain area architecture.

Can you find my bike in this pic?

This terrain looks like the summit of many mountains in New Hampshire.

A little rain never hurt any one. It does hurt a lot of picture opportunities.

I've seen a lot of these memorials on the Dalton.
I would like my ashes spread somewhere. Not sure where yet.

This is my sunshine dance. I'm not much of a dancer.

This bike just keeps on keepin' on. I've been on this bike every day for about 8000+ miles & no issues other than a loose nut on the throttle. Yes, the rider is the only problem. Zero body discomfort. This is a nice ride...

A wee bit soggy. This road turns slimy when wet. At the bottom of the hilly sections is like driving through mashed potatoes. My first encounter with the thick, slimy mud was to take it slow. I only did that once. It seemed like the mud was grabbing the wheels & throwing me off balance. After that, I approached it @ 30 & hit it @ 50mph. To fast for the mud gremlins to latch on.

Except for the lack of photographs, this is a fun ride.

I'm not sure what the plants are on the shoulders, but, they seem to glow sometimes.

I was cautious when approaching the trucks, because of what I've heard. I should choose who I listen to after I ask them if they have ever been there. Most of the truckers ride bikes themselves. Except for a rock from a pick up truck, I had no problems.

On to the Circle...

I don't know if they stopped here to eat or if this is their base of operations. The prop is spinning & they're ready to leave.

This sticker is on the back of the mens room door. I like the idea of doing that route.

Trailer park architecture. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

I was worried they didn't have gas. I didn't see a sign saying gas anywhere. I had to ask.

A lot of fishing goes on here. I wonder what the big catch is?

The Yukon River Bridge.

Some kind of water.

It's raining again. I would love to see what's behind those clouds.

Asphalt comes & goes. There is probably a good explanation as to why.

It is only clear in one spot, kind of...

A clear piece of sky up ahead. Sunshine??

The Alaskan Pipeline pops up every once in a while. Rain

No rain

No rain


The gravel continues.

It doesn't look like bad weather ahead. Who can tell?

I'm pumped to be on this road. Not much traffic. The mysterious Dalton Highway. And Down the Road I Went...

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