Sturgis to Fargo, ND

I'm beat for some reason. Nap time...

A good meal, then relax.

Quality with a capital K. It is a fine Subway sandwich.

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. A whole mess of land out there. S.Dakota has some very diverse property.

A little bit of a Mexico look with these branches for post. I like...

It's off to North Dakota. I don't think there is a shortcut for the V-Rod.

A little bit of downtown. To bad I'm a week or so early for the Rally.

I like these baggers.

I almost went in for my favorite oil change, AMSOIL.

A little bit of Hollywood maybe?

Devils Tower, Wy to Sturgis, SD

Alright, I'm headin' into town.

It's beautiful out. Thought it might be a wet ride.

Rain clouds travel fast. I didn't sense any of this a few hours ago.

A new sign. I like it.

Coming out of a super ride and heading towards a sky of warm colors. I think I'm smiling.

Time to find a place to hang my helmet.

S. Dakota has some beautiful bike roads.

I've been surrounded by rocks & trees all day. The terrain changes from mile to mile.

I eventually pass them.

I come up on two bikes riding 2 up. They seem to speed up when they notice me. Might be a little quick for 2 up. What do I know?? The ladies probably love it.

I wonder if my butt will fit through this.

I'd like to see the other side of this.

Every curve has another sight.

Reminds me of the Lord of the Rings a little.

There aren't many straight pieces of road @ the Needles Eye.

You wonder when gravity will take its toll.

Will an SUV pulling a camper fit here?


I'm glad I chose to take this road.

Did they use a bit of dynamite?

Why not? One more time.

The backside of the monument.

The front side.

Going into the park was crowded & cost money. I'm happy being here, outside the park.

The backside. I turned around because I didn't get my fix of George & the boys.

Hey, I haven't seen this view before. Glad I turned around.


Must be close.

Mount Rushmore has been on my list to visit for a while. Check.

Nice scenery everywhere.

Custer, S. Dakota.

That cow is starin' me down.

Wind? Rain? Both? Wild.

Something funky up ahead.

Not sure if I take this right or not. Just do it.

Lot of land in this country.