Into Canada

HANZO SOLO. Thanks Paula.

I appreciate so much about this card.

I've gone across the country. That's good enough.
I miss home.

There are many voices of reason in all of us that lead to good & bad, dependent on the 'loudest' voice. The voice that came loud & clear 'keep on truckin''.

Tucked in for the night. The basic agenda still in place.

The view from my motel room in Abbottsfprd, BC, Canada.

Canadian border

The sun sets in the west. I'm headed north.

The GPS is in charge. I still don't trust it.
It's been all operator error.


There is the Pacific. A lot of hills in Seattle.

My container of Pacific water.

This is the beach the GPS took me to. Sunset Beach. I tried to find a beach on my own. I got very frustrated. Then I thought how tough it is to find a beach right in Boston. I settled for this.

The ferry is leaving. Good suggestion.

Loaded up with Pacific Ocean.

Co-mingling The Atlantic with the Pacific.
Setting up the tri-pod for my little ceremony, people must have been curious. I didn't hear much english being spoken, so, maybe they thought this was normal.

Not much surfing going on.

All aboard!

Wow, this is the best beach I've seen in the hour I've been searching. It's the only beach.

This is the picture I settled for of Mt.Rainer.
The Needle Tower will have to wait.

I'm searching up in the hills for a good view of anything. I see a glimpse of Mt. Rainer. I stop quick, get balanced, AAAAHH! My right foot hits some sand. The bike is too top heavy to stop from falling. It went down slowly because I used a lot of energy. I jumped off, grabbed the bars and grunted it upright. I took a few minutes to re-group & a woman who saw the whole scene brought me over a bottle of water. I made a self deprecating comment. We both laughed. I took off. I've had enough of Seattle.
If you go to Seattle, it's nice. Be more prepared than I was. You will have a better time than I did.

Yes, downtown Seattle. Where's the beach?

Looks cool from my perspective.

I can almost touch Seattle.

This is what I thought Washington was all about.

It's Saturday. Busy roads. Too busy for me.

Scenery changes.

Gas & Mt Rainer.

Still surprised that Washington is not ALL forest.

Remember my gas can. I like having it.
Why else would I stop here?
In my defense, there were not many fuel opportunities along this stretch of road.

(gas ignoramus) Thanks Michael.

WIND TURBINES, a good spot for them. The wind has been fierce for a couple hours now. It changes my gas mileage, I've discovered.

It's like a desert out here.

I crossed that bridge when I came to it.

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