To Whitehorse, YT & Haines Junction

This doesn't look like a bad spot to head towards.

Off to Destruction Bay. Sounds ominous...

SeeYa Kluanes

A mystery hours before, has taken up some of my time. From a cold & rainy night to this. : >)
Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada. In N. America it is 2nd to Mount McKinley in Alaska.

Where did this view come from?

Heading North...

I knew there was a reason for this junction.

On a clear day...must be nice.

A little breakfast. The gent in the background is from Newfoundland. He talked about Labrador as having a rougher wilderness than the Yukon.
Sounds like a trip to Newfoundland is in the future.

Something is trying to sneak out of the clouds.

I have a feeling there is a view out there.

All right! Haines Junction. I heard that Haines is beautiful by a new friend. I said hello with a wave @ this gas station & would meet him hundreds of miles later & share some expenses with him. He is a retired high school principle from Germany. His English was a bit spotty, but, we seemed to get along great. He apparently didn't take the right @ the junction & discovered that the town of Haines was great to stumble upon. Another road trip maybe?

It wasn't long before it started to rain pretty heavily. I drove around Whitehorse a little. Got gas & headed out of town.
Whitehorse is a big town/city. I didn't anticipate it being so big & busy. When it's big & busy, I find the exit. To many question marks & U turns it seems.

Teslin Village, YT is very scenic. Even in cloudy weather.

Something's missing...

There you go.

Big fans of Elvis.

I should fit in between Elvis & a wolverine.

An action scene.

To big for an owl.

An Elvis monument?

The gas station, restaurant & dance hall.
A good little restaurant.

Great roads

For miles along the sides of the road, I noticed that people had written names or statements with river bed like stones. I stopped to take a picture and decided to get middle school. Gayle is my wife & best friend...

I wonder if it will still be there next time I drive by.

WOOHOO! Whitehorse is only 424 kilometers. I was taking the km multiplying by 6.
6 times 4 is 24. Add a smidge. Around 250 to 260 miles. Sometimes it slipped my mind that it was in kilometers and I would wonder if Thomas was messing with me again. : >)

Watson Lake is a junction. You can go right to Watson Lake or left to Alaska. I would be back this way because of a road closure. I would enjoy the future visit.

A snifter of Yukon Jack would be nice later on.
One of my good friends & I, for decades, exchanged the same bottle of Yukon Jack for Xmas & bdays. We would drink a little each exchange. When that was gone, it became a bottle of Pink Catawba, which we never drank. It's time to renew an old pleasantry.


Anybody see a gas station?

About 5 feet from my tent. I'm thinking it looks a little big for a porcupine. Any skat experts?

I drove as close to a town with potential gas as possible. I've gotten burned by signs saying next gas 130miles. Old signs that don't get taken down when a town or station shuts down. A lot of the small stations shut down early. I go with that idea. I went a 182 miles @60/65mph last night before pulling in to camp. In most cases, the gas stations open early. A lot of bugs last night.

A spotty view of life.

This is my bug collection. These are the toughest to clean, IMO.

I don't discriminate about the bugs I collect.

I like my gas can. Need it right now.

Yaba, This works marvelously.

Ya know, I said to myself, 'my guardian bell is takin' a hit', there is no reason for that top loop to be bent like that. I ignored it. The next time I looked, it wasn't there. A pattern is developing about me. I know a lot of things ahead of time, that can be remedied. Lahr-dee-dah... KEYS BECOMING A LITTLE SLOPPY IN THE IGNITION...

These guys were waiting for me in the morning. Friendly lookin' chaps...

The state bird?

My sight

A Blue sky morning


This is @1am. Still some daylight. I'm noticing less darkness the farther north I go.

Park it. A lot of miles on that tank.

Gas is scarce.

Sun is setting, kind of.

The last gas station was closed @ 8pm. I should make the next one??

Pleasant ride.

Not much civilization in a while.

Keep on keepin' on

I'd come back here.

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