Off to Washington

I have been informed while in Steamboat Springs, that somebody has stolen our identity and was having a good ole' time with our credit. OUCH!!
Since I had a pittance of cash & was using my credit card for just about everything, it seemed like an OH CRAP moment. My beautiful wife suggested an overnight delivery of another card. Where I was, it took 3 days. So Big Sky was the place to pick it up.

I have found the post office & picked up the envelope. Getting this greeting card was a pleasant surprise & put a big smile, from ankle to ear lobe, on my psyche. HELLO SAILOR!!

Yup, thats a smile, of sorts.
7/12/2010 What do we have here? Some body of water I'm unfamiliar with. A welcoming sight. Ginkgo State Park.

The terrain is changing.

Washington is a big state. Not many services along this route.

Hey, it's George, Washington.

Not long for the coast to coast part of my trip.

A little water. The GPS doesn't help with this identification without a wrestling match.

I thought I was in the downtown area.

The view from a high point in Sprague, WA

Internet access comes & goes. Some people look @ you strange when you ask if it's available. Other places are proud to say they have it.

A lot of Hyundai imports. This train is like a quarter mile long.

Trains have been rumbling all night. Loud horns & wheels. Every 2 to 3 hours. In the middle of the night too.

Hello Spokane.
Goodbye Spokane

Washington snuck up on me. It was a blurr.

There must be a coast out there.

Where the Hukahwee? Anyone remember 'F Troop'?

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. I crossed into Idaho & wasn't notified. I must have blinked & missed it.

The sun is blocking my vision.

Apparently this bridge is the state line from Montana to Idaho.

I don't see any ocean yet.

Very patriotic or something else. Living out of 5 gallon buckets.

As I entered Missoula, Montana to fuel up.


The truck behind me is just as dirty as my bike.

Butte, Montana


Great roads in Montana.

Continuous good riding

The state capital.

The state prison.

Very varied terrain.

I could ride for days...

Takin' pictures, Ridin' bikes...

This river goes for miles. Excellent kayaking.
The Yellowstone River.

Had to stop & take a look.

I feel like taking a hike.

The end/beginning of the access road. To bad.

Smooth & curvy.

Lovin' this road.

I want to take a hike...


These people are wackin' little white spheres @ me. FORE!

A Big Sky neighborhood.

Nice building.

I have Seattle, WA typed in the GPS & I'm ready.

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