Through BC into the Yukon Territory

British Columbia is beautiful country. I get the feeling that some people viewing these pictures might be getting bored with the scenery. I'M LOVIN' IT!!
Thomas has been good. If we have an argument. I shut him off. Only for a couple seconds though. I don't have a single map of Canada.

One of my first pictures in the Yukon.

Sunset & I don't know where I'm staying tonight.

Here is Tim again. I met him & his wife in Heredy, Alaska. They are both assistant Attorney Generals for the state of Florida.
Tim drove from Florida. His wife flew into Seattle and hoped on back. I believe Fairbanks is their destination.

More beautiful roads.


& down the road I went...

Finally passed that truck.

He is going along pretty good, but, a little to dusty. I'm not whining, the shady character is cussing it up though.

A couple of soft spots on this gravel.

The human stop sign.

Great ride...

The horses thought I was intruding on their views.

I was revving the bike to spook them. I think they liked the sound.

Look @ those love birds. Go rent a room...

I came around the corner & these J walkers where breaking some laws.

There was barely any grass. What's the attraction?

Nice view3

Nice view2

Nice view1

Funky terrain

A long & winding road...

I've never seen a bridge like this.

I've never seen a truck like this.

Must have rolled last night. I can see the tracks in the soft shoulder. No skid marks...

Helicopter adventures



Awesome .75

Keep on keepin' on

Not a soft shoulder

These warning signs were a heads up for woop-dee-doos. For the most part, not bad. Later on, they become troublesome. I think I developed a nervous tick whenever I see these. I'm twitching now.


Keep on keepin' on...

This was a great spot to tear the bike down a little.

Until now my ignition has been adequate. It felt like it wasn't getting fuel a few times. I sensed it was some of my half assed connections.

Time to install the marine quality toggle switch I picked up in Stewart , BC.

This has to be the problem. A lot of daylight in that connection. I pinched & twisted with channel locks. Wrapped them super tight. Zero issues since. Electrical issues can be mysterious.

Pit stop

A feel good picture.

Bike is acting up.

Had a great sandwich here. It had a Swiss feel to it. That's Tims bike.

I drove back for this picture. Not sure why. The bridge was interesting...

Nice day

The temperature was in the 70's.

OOOOHHWW!! The Alaskan Highway

A savior?

About 160 miles to get to the Alaskan Highway.
Maybe thats what the mile '0' sign implied?

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