Yellowstone to Big Sky, Montana

Which one is the beef jerky???

A brand new, curvy, scenic access road to Big Sky Ski Area. I made several trips up & down for various reasons.

I've always wanted to ski here. Rumor has it, that it's awesome.

I was told you can ski from the peak.

I can barely see the mountain. That's not a complaint about the wonderful sunshine.

This land is our land...

What, no big ceremony...

Another soloist out traveling. This elk would not pose for me.

This wildlife was already posed.

Nice bike... been there, done that.

Great horizons. This road was so nice, I turned around to get this picture.

A switchback.

Coming down a dirt road can be troublesome.

A young lady offered to take my picture. Lucky you.

From the top.

The photographer.

I decided to scale a mtn. Forest fire had hit a few years back.


A buffalo getting steam cleaned.

Whenever there was visible wildlife, there was a visible traffic pile up.


The fires can look awful for years. No regrowth started here.


Hot springs pop up out of nowhere.

I have been following the Continental Divide since Colorado Springs.

More regrowth

I can't stop taking pictures of this. CLICK TO ENLARGE.


Yellowstone ahead

Forget me, look @ the Tetons.

Sunrise was nice. Full sun is nicer.

Worth the wait

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