Aspen to Steamboat Springs, Colorado


This is kind of what thrills me the most...
Not knowing what lies ahead.

I'm still about 60
miles from Steamboat Springs with no shortage of scenery. I did see a lot of wild life on this trip, but, they wouldn't cooperate with the camera. Wild life running wild.

The last time I rode a horse, it left me in mid air when spooked by a wind blown pile of leaves. I hit the ground hard. Not a fan of riding horses. I would love to try again though.

U.S.40 goes a long way in Colorado. Apparently I've got another 65.2 miles to go.

Got lucky with the weather. It seems like the rain was @ my back today.

I will follow this person. Looks knowledgeable.

Part of Winter Parks Ski area.

This is where Dale lives & works.

Another Ski area to put on my list.

Introducing Dale Eversole. He waved me over to find out what the heck I was riding. He was amazed @ my bike. I think he had recently tipped a few cold ones. Seems like a great guy to ski with.

The back side of the pass. All down hill.

I have a hard time with this name. It won't stick to my brain.

It is cold & rainy.

Many National Forest out here. Lets go, start traveling. This land is our land...

I had to pull a stunt to get around this slow poke.

Up down, Up down...

This rain will hit hard, but, for only 5 minutes. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees.

I've heard a lot about the Loveland Pass. A nice ride.

I didn't expect to go up into the mountains. A pleasant surprise.

Inside Arapahoe Basin. Great skiing.


My ski buddy, Ray Paquette & I sat on this deck between runs a while back.

One of my favorite ski areas.

Up to A-Basin.

The Dillon Reservoir.

I70 to The Loveland Pass.

Frisco is a small town.
Breckenridge is a big ski area.

I have not skied Copper Mtn yet.

Vail was a blast, 10 years ago...

This view is the other side of the ride to Aspen.

I70, got to love it.

I'll have a #1 with cheese & no onion-medium. I'm a BurgerKing fan. They also have wifi.

Does 75 mean 80?

That was an enjoyable piece of road.
I feel like turning around & going back. REALLY.

This will pleasantly get me where I'm going.

If somebody knows this Mtn, please comment. I put a lot of time in looking @ it.

Finally get to this view. Have seen it on the horizon.

Will the road turn toward this? Yes it will.

Sometimes, when you head toward a horizon, you expect to see a town when you get there.

Looks good ahead.

I love this ride. I've also learned something about zooming in.

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