Anchorage, AK to Denali State Park

All right! Denali State Park. This is a place, I think, that also manufactures clouds. Well, maybe it's hobby is collecting clouds. Lots of clouds.

Here is my best shot of Denali/ Mt. McKinley,
Even this is impressive to me.


Heading out of Anchorage towards Denali was somewhat uneventful.
Detart was a great find. You can tell a lot about somebody without saying a word. It makes me wonder about language and the idiosyncrasies that I didn't pick up in my short meeting with Detart. When some Central & Western U.S. people hear me speak, they often think I'm Australian. I'm just a NH hick.

And it's down the road I went....

SeeYa Detart! Happy Trails : >)

A big city. A big hurry to get out.

They felt uncomfortable being in the picture.
I'm so charming...

For the ladies...

HEY! Who's that casually walking by. Detart likes to be moving in photos.

I'll take a picture standing on my head. The camera man has timing issues.

I kidded around with this gent & got the 20 questions. Good kid.

Detart & I will go for a decafe & a chowda'.
Photo bomber...

I new that was his bike!

I'm circling the block. I think I saw Detarts bike.
I don't know if it's corny or cool to have the fake wildlife. I am curious about it.

Anchorage must be around the next corner?

Quite a line up of music @ the state fair.

The scenery from Valdez to Anchorage is awesome & seemingly endless. It took me a while to get there. Gathering stray photos, you see...




Look right...

Look left...

No bike...

Next time I will take a few days and head into these mountains with a proper bike.

Keep on keepin' on...

The accidental photo. What an eye...

Lovin' life

A little left

A little to the right


Some light reading.

A different bike & I'm down there.

I don't know what hill that is. I want to take a hike.

Valdez & the Thompson Pass is a nice visit.

A little sunshine changes everything

Valdez is nice. I'll be back!

Just outside of town.

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