Up around Lake Michigan

Yes, I'm in the Yukon Territory.
It's big & beautiful. It's also cold & buggy.

Try looking through this for a hundred miles.

One of the first pictures I took when entering the Yukon.

I like pictures of me. Doesn't everybody?
A V-Rod Destroyer.

This is somewhere in Greenbay, WI.


They like their moose in upper Michigan.

The Mackinaw Bridge that crosses between Lake Michigan & Lake Superior & Lake Huron @ the northern most point of the state.

Mackinaw City? I didn't see much in 5 minutes.

In my pretty pink bathroom, Mr. fixit didn't have cold water. Get out the tools.

A lot of farming in mid/upper Michigan.

Hey, I'm ready to go. A little weary & fried, but, ready. Oh the rubber thingy blew off the bike somewhere on the highway. Somebody will luck out & find that work of art. Our loss...

The only soft spot & I found it...

Thanx to my dirtbike days, there is only one solution. Take everything off the bike & tip the bike over & drag it out. It was tough to see the bike in the mud, but it works.

SUCKRAYMONT!! & OTHER CUSS WORDS. The rain softened some of the soil and looky here, a little dilemma. I tried lifting, rocking & even wrapped straps around my shoulders like a refrigerator mover. No go. The clay like mud had the tires sucked in.

I thought I was real cute going behind this barrier because the trucks kept blowing my stuff around. My stuff is all lined up, SWEET.

Well, time to leave the Niles Inn. This rubber thingy was being thrown around in the parking lot & left on the ground. It's silly enough to hold on to as a joke picture prop.

What a great group of people.

I earned the Midwest Thunders IRON BUTT award for driving 1200 miles to get there on a bike. It's a cool trophy made by one of the V-ROD forum members, Pondo. Thanx MWT, Pondo & the Academy...

V-rods pulling in to the go cart track.

YakityYak's bike. NICE!

ThumbsUp racing was the 1st one on the track. Two in the pink...

Halfnutz & his great bike. After this ride I'm taking, I might need to modify my bike a bit. A nice role model.

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