Midwest Thunder V-Rod ride to Indiana

YEAH BABY! Colorado's I70. Going to visit some ski areas I've been to & want to go to...

This a picture of Johnny Hotfoots bike. It's lookin' real good. No way it was the rat bike of Midwest Thunder. Well, @ least I didn't get it, but, probably should have...

This is one of the non V-rods that I really liked.
I will have to demo a Vmax one day.

This bike was @ the track on drag day. It was one of the fastest bikes there. It's nice...

Thumbs up or thumbs down on this guys choice of beverage?
Oh yeah, I like this bike to.
We left the Niles Inn to go to a bike night @ Hooters. About 40 V-rods rumbling through the streets of Michigan & Indiana. Lots of bikes and people.

Yea, it rained on me. I love the smell of outdoor dried clothes. So I smell like a wet dog. Everyone loves dogs.

Great guy with a big smile-DEADEYE they call him. Nice wheels kid.

Your friendly non-neighborhood Amsoil rep.
This was one of the first sights I saw @ the Niles.

Baby Huey loves his BUELL...

This is a beautiful bike. When my bike grows up, it should be just like this. Got to have a role model...


  1. Hi Bob,

    Great pictures. Have you thought about what having all that time to think about the "big issues", "meaning of life" type stuff might do to the rest of your life?

    I am off to Italy today so I will check in in a few weeks.

    It just dawned on me that this will be the furthest we have been from each other you no Italy, Alaska.. Then again we havn't seen each other for 3 years so I guess we will get through it.

    Stay safe


  2. What's this suck raymont? Or were you thinking of Suck Raymond, where the heck are you? Just thinking!!! How many wish they were doing your dream.