Niles, MI & Midwest Thunder Rally

While in Big Sky, MT, my beautiful wife sent me a card & a new credit card. While on my trip somebody stole our identity & had some fun on the card I was using. Evil strikes randomly.
THANX Gayle...XXOO (Hello Sailor)

Hey out there!
Meet John Campbell. A teacher from Pennsylvania whom I met @ the Grand Tetons. Nice guy.

Here are the Tetons @ sunrise. Nice stuff.

Here's me @ sunrise. Nice stuff, no?
My new one person tent was/is cool...

Jackson Hole , WY is a great town that I thought was little. Not so. Very popular visitors site.

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Here is 02man(Ken) @ the line ready to run his bike in the quarter mile, Nice bike!

Two more boys given' it a go.
I know that swingarm. It's Pondo on the left.

V-rod fans

Rod always willing to help. Johnnyhotfoot lost a shifting bolt. Thought he blew the transmission.
Rod used a screwdriver to determine it was an easy fix.

One of the nicest guys in a 10 yard radius, : >) , rsc.

Group ride to the dragstrip.

The motorcycle museum in Indiana was excellent. I'm convinced that if some one remade these bikes with new technology, they'd get rich.

I love the look of these older bikes.

The mailbox for the Harley Shop/Museum. I like.
That's an old Harley Sprint. A little paint & polish might bring that thing back to life...

Stopped for lunch. Hey, it's redracer parking his rig.
The bikes are parked very disorderly. This comes back to HAUNT me.

Ridin' to the Harley Shop / motorcycle museum. These are fast cruisers...

Let's go!

Here's Starrrzzz on her great bike.

Ahh, Kens sweet machine.

The back parking lot, the morning after the Market Basket carriage races.

Yeah, it rains in Michigan. It came down hard for a bit. Do you notice among all these beautiful bikes who has a cover for his 'rat' bike? That's right, ME!

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