Iron Butt Challenge(1000 in 24 hours)

WOOOHOOOO! 4th of July in Palmer Lake, CO. from Barbara & Charlie's deck. NICE!

I'm in Niles, Michigan @ the Niles Inn for the Midwest Thunder V-rod motorcycle rally. This will be a lot of fun. Putting faces to their forum names. We will be riding all over Michigan & Indiana.

Ahhh! 23.5 hours on the road to record the 1000 miles & it's time for a snooze. I tucked the bike in & got horizontal myself.

Did I mention tornado warnings for the last 50+- miles to make time & distance. It poured so hard that there was @ least an inch of water on the highway. I slowed it down to 40mph & got soaked through to my spine & sphincter. Time was tight. It took me 3 tries to get somebody to witness my speedometer. It was pouring & windy. People were running to avoid it. The first 2 wanted nothing to do with giving a phone number for verification. A woman with some spunk, witnessed, signed it & gave me a phone number. Time will tell whether it's actually her number...

It took 2 hours to get through customs. I must have accidentally hit the home icon on the tomtom. Tomtom & I have a love/hate relationship going right now...
So I wasted a lot of time trying to see Niagara Falls. Not the city, which tomtom insisted on, but the actual falls. They are about 8 miles apart, so, I got to the border later than expected. Around 5 pm. Thus, a 2 hour ordeal. The extra time I had from driving all night got trashed...

Crossing the bridge into Michigan kept me sane.
It's 'purdee'. Looks like an ocean.

Ahh, Michigan. I should make a thousand miles in 24 hours easily.

That's one big flag. A stiff wind, not at my back.

Stopped in to check out Rachel Paquettes choice of college, Elmira College. This pose always attracts the woman.

I thought it might be wise to take a little beauty rest. I closed my eyes and woke up an hour later when a truck rumbled in.

Ahh, sunrise, somewhere in upstate New York.

One of my first gas stops. REMEMBER TO TAKE THE RECEIPT WITH TIME , DATE & LOCATION. I forgot one and had to stop @ another gas station 5 miles down the road and put in some just for the receipt. Did you notice the moisture around the pumps? Yea, it rained most of the night.

Can you spell Skeneckteddy? No, I'm not drooling on the GPS.

Alright, almost there. Not really. About 800 mile to go...

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