Nebraska to Colorado

Sturgis, South Dakota is a nice area. The bike rides are beautiful. I spent the day riding around the roads I've only heard about & I'm off to Fargo, North Dakota.
The annual bike rally doesn't start till next week, but, there are tons of bikes all over the place.
I'm going to try & meet up with BabyHuey, a forum member, eat lunch & fly...

Mt. Rushmore from the side. The line was long to get in the park, so I hit the perimeter.

This is one of the views from my friends, Barbara & Charlie's, wrap around porch in Colorado. Nice view of Palmer Lake.

Nice spot for a house. The side of a mountain.

Two of young Charlie's friends, Cody & Holiday.

Charlie has grown to be a handsome young man.

Driving into Denver. I just passed an 02 V-rod. No Helmet law in Colorado.

A lot of desert like landscapes.

Time for a new sign.

This looks like rain ahead. I think I see some mountains off in the distance. Getting close to Denver.

Very green & worked farmland in Nebraska.

Chillin' in Nebraska.

I found a convenient spot for the gas can.
Did I mention I'm a big fan of the can.


My last gas stop in Iowa. I like Iowa.

I typed in Sioux City into the GPS & down the road I went.

Gas stops & convenience stores are takin' all my money. I visit the people that work these stations about every 120 to 150 miles. I'm trying to remember a friendly face behind the counters. Nope, can't recall one truly smiling face. Oh, & I tried to be cordial. Maybe my optimism & smile made them feel like they wanted a vacation too. Tired of tourist maybe?

These beads were in my coat pocket. Marty gave these to me for good luck. So far so good.

I think I'll pick an outfit like this up for Gayle. Although she would make the outfit look good, I'm guessing it would not leave the closet.

Well, it's time to leave Algona. It's down the road I went.

I am growing my beard. This is my role model. Don't comb the head, comb the beard...
Actually a great guy.

This guy brought his own glass.

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