Sheridan, MT to Spearfish, SD - July 28, 2010

It seems like I've been in S. Dakota all day, but, I'm not sure if I've been in & out. Well, I'm there now. Great country feeling every mile I ride.

The cows were wondering what I was up to.

Where is S Dakota?

I didn't think I would see trees again after a few days of riding through the plains of Montana & Wyoming.

I feel like hanging around & going for a hike.

Interesting stream. It had a singular look to it. Click to enlarge & it might grab you as it did me.

Nice ride. I guess I'm a woods guy vs a plains guy.

About a half mile of retail or service.

A decorous town sign.

This was the most city I've seen in a while. I had to go to BurgerKing.

Here is where I slept. There was night life. I didn't go out. Thought about it. What a bore...

The new tire is a Dunlop 180. I've been using Avon 200s & there is a slight difference in handling. It's all good.

Nice roads. The soil is orange. Research needed.

I drove through the town of Hulett, Wyoming & it wasn't very busy for a nice looking place on a mid summer day.

This whole stretch of road was great. I thought I'd take a break in one of the hay fields. Plus, I wanted to find out what holds these rolls together.

The road leading up to the tower was closed.

Zoom it in

The sun setting is a nice view. I will come back & see a sun rising.

Can there ever be enough pictures of my horse?

More, more...enough already.

The deer out in the field appeared briefly & disappeared just as fast.

Alright, The Devils Tower. I was starting to wonder if I'd missed it.

I see something over the horizon.

A bed & breakfast. Should I? Keep rollin'.

Great riding, but, where's the tower?

Not yet.

Maybe around this bend?

I don't see any towers.

Yes, I'm @ the tower. No?

Where have you been?

Where is it?

Finally, The Devils Tower. I'm heading Northwest. The shadows of me riding have shifted. Every shadow points to the sun.

This is the quickest route to Spearfish.

Hulett is barely on a map. That's where I'm headed.

Good company

Train off the port bow.

I've seen the last of him. Traffic...Construction

He does not want to be passed. I'm curious as to what he's riding.

I'm catching up again. I have my throttle lock on 75 to 80 mph.

He will not let me pass.

It is a weird thing. When leaving Valdez, Alaska, I was moving along @ 75 mph when all of a sudden 4 Harleys blew by me @ 90 or so. It took a few seconds, but, I proceeded to catch them @ 120 mph & then felt foolish. Back to normal speeds. I still have a long ride & may need to take it easy on the horse. Or not.

I think I can hear him. He is pulling away. He doesn't seem to have a helmet. I don't think there is a windshield on the bike. It has to hurt @ that speed.

Hey, looky here. A bike appears in front of me.

A whole mess of highway. Didn't think Wyoming was a Plain State.

Beautiful day.

I don't know where I am.

What are those?

Mountains & trees. Lookin' good.

Curious as to what is over the horizon.

A great ride.

Is this part of the Golf capital?

I need a dirt bike.

The new tire is a little different. A little narrower. Leans a little quicker. I'm testing it out all over the road. I'm pulling over to kick the tires.

Heading South.

Leaving Sheridan, Wyoming. Nice place.

Golf Capital? Who knew?

Hey, it's Jim & Jeff. Jim Cosco is the owner of this small shop. I noticed some tires in the shops front window. There it was. A suitable tire to get me home.
These guys showed a lot of pride when talking about these 3 wheeled rides that they build.

A project bike for these guys.

The Big Sky bone yard.

He busted his hump getting the tire off & on.

Sheridan seems like a super place.

I'd like to come back.

I should find a tire here.

I approached this bike & noticed something moving around the back of the bike. There was a chi-wawa jumping around. I was very disappointed this photo is blurry. Bugs on the lens confuse the camera. One of those quirky props kind of guys that some people might shake their heads at. He is probably a lot of fun. He certainly had a big smile.

A lot of miles between here & there.

I saw much of western Montana. Many plains & rolling hills.

Wyoming seems to have more rolling hills. Tough to tell from the asphalt.

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