Heading to Sweetwater, Montana


I reluctantly want to finish this blog. I've got a few more days to talk about until I get home from this trip. I can't wait for the next one. My main mission @ this point was to get home. It's been about 5 weeks. I have the GPS set for Sturgis, S. Dakota.
The farmland of Alberta is the backdrop for this sunset.

Provinces of Canada on 2 wheels

At the same time, the moon was rising over the Canola fields.

States on 2 wheels

I liked both pics, so, here ya go.

Sunlight, the topic of so many reasons to relax.

Heading South.

Heading East. A brief thought about when I'll stop comes & goes.

I pulled over to take a nap in a baseball field in Alberta. It seems like there are no kids in the world. It was a beautiful day & not a soul playing ball. I haven't seen many kids on this trip.

I did meet this kid. Thomas Smith, a 78 year old with a gift for gab. What a life he has had. Another gift of his is his capacity for remembering names & dates. He would rattle off places he had been & people he new with dates, backgrounds & zip codes. He had lived in NH for 8 years & talked of those times fondly. He actually called me @ home to see if I made it back safely. He remembered some of the details of our conversation & hunted my number down. He was a ski instructor & he was showing me a technique for smooth powerful turns. I will be skiing in a few days. I think I'll call him for a skiing refresher.

Who knew? Canada has an Air Force. I'm sure if I paid more attention I would know more about it

The ball field is on the left

Drive a couple hundred miles, take a break.

City of Champions. Must be Hockey & a little Football.

Canola fields. (Rape seed)

I've been drinking @ least 1 Mountain Dew a day for a little caffeine boost. I was reading the label on the bottle & there is no caffeine in Mountain Dew. I asked the store clerk about it & he said Canada stopped the use of caffeine in soft drinks. Thank you placebo effect. When I got into Montana, all was right with the Mountain Dew.

I've seen quite a few older model cars in Canada.

What's up with these yellow fields?

Leaving BC. A little sad.

I had no idea what Alberta had to visually share with me.

I was now leaving the world famous Alaska Highway.

This chap points the way to Alaska.

I think it's time. The edges look good. I tried riding the edges more by awkwardly leaning to the sides. After some long stretches of doing so, I started looking for a rear tire, pronto. Over 10,000 miles is good for a tire, imo.

Are cigarette butts biodegradable? I'm not a smoker.

Getting my mental bearings adjusted @ the bus station.

Ahh, Dawson Creek. I should have looked for a creek. A woman pulled over & asked if I wanted her....(it's been a while : >) ) ... to take my picture.

I wonder if it starts. Looks like it's been here a while. Probably some oil company rig.

In the morning. I went for a walk in the woods & spied this odd structure.

Off a dirt road in Wonowon, BC.

I pulled in here about midnight. It took a while to find an opening.

Looking back, the sun disappears over the crest in the road.

Looking ahead, it's a full moon.

I just got poured on for about 50 miles. Then the skies got clear.

These clouds moved quickly & dumped some rain.

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