Alberta, Canada to Hardin, Montana


What a great freekin' full moon. When I went through Billings, MT, I figured I had a comfortable 50+ miles of gas left & I just didn't feel like stopping in what seemed to be a busy city. My moody choice of avoiding traffic etc to hit a gas station outside the city was a fail. There aren't any gas stations until Hardin, MT. Ran out @ mile 492.

An eerie feeling to be close to a town & not be sure if I was close to friends or foes. Strange, I've only felt this way a few times on this trip. Oh well, I will dig out my gas can. Gas can good...

A few miles back, the moon looked so cool. I was getting worried about gas. After Billings there is nothing. I don't see anything.

This is an interesting sign. It was a nice ride. It probably says that between the lines somewhere.

Butte is a small town. I thought otherwise.

It's been cloudy & a little windy all day.

Lots of land between small towns.

I still need a tire.

I met these 2 in Helena, MT. A nice couple from Alberta.

This is a crazy wind tunnel. I feel the round trucks & car haulers are the craziest.

Alright, a change of scenery.

I got a wave!

Reminds me of the movies about the old west.

The landscape is changing.

It looks like the mountains are pretty close.

Until you turn the corner...

Leaving Great Falls, MT

Tire time

Great Falls is bigger than it appears. Very busy.

Keep on truckin'

Follow the white lines

Lots of trains in Shelby, MT

Why do bugs insist on caking up my auto lens cover?

Headin' South

It is nice riding weather

Apparently there is a Meth problem.

Shelby,MT seems like a cool town. I will stay longer next time.

Bug brains?

Enough said

I haven't had pizza in weeks

Very very loud trains. The railroad people must think those loud whistles alert people that they are nearby...

Gas O'Clock

Scattered oil pumps?

Train off the port bow

Miles & miles to go. I cut grass one summer for my towns schools & parks. Probably why I pay somebody to do it now.

Is Montana part of the 'Plain States'?

Some hills in the distance

Yeah! The USA. Funny, I actually do have a good feeling inside.

The POE @ Sweetgrass, Montana

I spent the night hear for a sound sleep & shower.

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