Through Yukon to Alberta


As I was heading down this road, I noticed what looked like a child standing on the side of the road , about a hundred yards ahead. A second later, the figure flew into this tree. I pulled over & saw road kill near the spot I originally spotted the eagle. I've seen vultures & crows on the side of the road. First time I've seen an eagle.

About fifty miles ahead, I would have to duck to avoid a golden eagle swooping across the road from a tree towards road kill. I was riding along & noticed something to my upper right. I turned & saw 2 big talons extended out towards my head. I dipped my head & it hit my rear luggage. It wasn't bothered by the hit & flew off. A few days later, another golden eagle would swoop down about 50 feet in front of me toward roadkill. I was a wee bit worried about deer, moose or bears running out in front of me. Now I look high & low for potential tacklers.

On the road, getting late.

A great ride around some lake I will research the name of later.

The rain comes & goes...

In the middle of somewhere, a fishing lodge.

If I ever come back this way, I'd spend the night. It looks beautiful.

This was also a surprise gas station.

Muncho Lake, BC

A multi colored reindeer strolls across the road. It was a patchy brown, black, yellow & white. New to me.

A family of some kind of goat. New to me.

I didn't seem to bother them @ all. I stopped & they crossed a few feet in front of me.

Hey, my 2 up Chicago buddy.

I guess I could hang a New Hampshire sign somewhere.

The Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon.

The boys are headed back to Chicago. I often wondered how their ride went. I should have gotten some data...I just noticed their license plates- recliner & couch. True dat!

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