Back through Canada

Leaving Fairbanks & heading back home. I'll be retracing a few roads leading to Alaska. I'm heading towards Watson Lake, Yukon. From there I will head in a different direction through Alberta, Canada. I will be cruising through Dawson Creek, Edmonton & Calgary. Back through Montana, USA.


Kluane Lake is a beautiful sight.

It might seem like a lot of pictures, but, I can't help myself.

360 degrees of great views.

I probably won't be back for a while, so I'm glad I have these photos.

Very glad I have these pictures.

I like this part so much because it's been excellent weather.

Bicyclist fixing a flat.

A favorite piece of this ride is ahead.

Destruction Bay, Yukon has some great spots.

Another 360 degree view outside the Talbot Hotel.

This gent is from Wisconsin. He's heading to Fairbanks.

Outside my hotel room. SUNSHINE! It's been cloudy & rainy for days.

That's a funky little trailer.

The clouds are breaking up.

Rainy but nice.

WAAAAH!! I'm a DUMB DUMB! Enough said.

What's wrong here?


Oh, nice country.

These roads in Destruction Bay are sneaky painful. A wee bit of a challenge if you drive fast.

How do they do it? That's a big trailer.

Downtown Tok, Alaska.

A Tok gas station didn't fair to well in a fire.

Wow! The parking lot isn't full.

Just outside of Fairbanks.

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