I'm ready to head out tomorrow...Alaska.

Well, I'm dressed for my summer vacation, kissing the Mrs. & heading out around noon on the 22nd of June for a coast to coast motorcycle ride to Alaska & the Arctic Circle then back home. I'm headed on a somewhat point A to point B from Massachusetts To Colorado then heading North to Yellowstone, crossing over to Seattle,WA then due North through Vancouver,BC to Anchorage, AK. From there I'm getting as close to the Arctic Circle as possible & heading home. When I'm done, I hope to have all the States north of Colorado under 2 wheels of a motorcycle. There was a little pre-ride wackiness I 'll talk about later. Till then...


  1. This is all so exciting. Most of the info is a little technical although, like any good movie, throwing in a picture of a hot babe will always keep interest.

    Stay thirsty my friend as you are the most .....

  2. Hi Bob...can't wait to see more! Thanks Gayle!!
    XO Amanda