Getting the V-Rod ready

Took the bike out. Apparently I need tires.

I've been using Avon Cobra tires. I think these are the best tires for my bike. They hold well, rain or shine & last me about 15000+ miles. This mileage does depend on how many rolling burnouts I do, which, to date , I've done Zeeerowww.

Open up a cold brew & continue working. Now, the brake pads.
I'm using Lyndall brake shoes because of a few recommendations.
Using an old computer chassy as a seat or mini workbench, I start compressing the pistons.

There ya go. More wood to manipulate the pistons, without mangling the metal. Works great.

Ah, more wood. This piece of wood helps keep the shoes in place & spaced nicely.

Ah, more wood. The new tires are going on and this fulcrum setup allows me to tweak a few things with my hands while kneeling on the 2x4. Makes a one person job a lot easier.

Before I took the spacer cams off, I mark them for a friendlier fit.

So, a long ride. Got to change the oil right?
I use Amsoil oil & filters. Get my trusty, custom, Pepsi bottle funnel. I cut it to fit snug so it stays put.

The oil filter wrench was just little big, so I narrowed it up a bit with some hockey tape. Perfect!

I cut up an old 5 gallon bucket, whaaallla! an oil catchers mitt.

This was the smooth part about getting the bike ready.
The GPS was a major PITA.
Organizing the bags was another chore. You can, when motivated(angry), fit 5lbs in a 2 lb bag.

In my head, this blog was going to fun. There is a lot to it. If you want it to be enjoyable, you've got to know a little about the basics. I've done some research & I basically know the basics. If anybody knows about affective blogging, don't be shy. Toss a few hints my way...

Right this second I'm in Traverse City, Michigan. Tomorrow I'll be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & the Harley Museum. WooHoo...

Till then...

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  1. Bob,
    Paula dubbed you "Hanzo Solo" in honor of your travels alone. Leave it to her to come up with the perfect name. Love it!! Miss you.